Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Theologian Drifts!

It is sad to report that another theology textbook has moved into lordship salvation. I loved Dr. Paul Enns’ “The Moody Handbook of Theology” published in 1989. I even have a signed copy of the book. This was the theology I recommend to everyone as a must have – “the best concise theology out there.” But I can no longer endorse it. I ordered the revised edition last month (2014 edition) and to my complete surprise, Dr. Enns has moved. He now supports lordship salvation and John Macarthur has written the forward. 

What a shock it is to read “Believe Only” is listed among the “erroneous views” section.  The original release of the theology lined up with Charles Ryrie’s Basic Theology.  And when Dr. Couch brought him in to teach Christology at Tyndale I loved the book so much I got his autograph. Now I am afraid, I can no longer endorse the book.